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I was asked to Makeup Department Head the short film Bedsheet Man a few weeks ago and I was elated for the opportunity to do another film this summer. I received the script fairly late in the game and had to come up with many of the actors’ looks on the fly. I am always up for a challenge, so I looked forward to testing my ability to create the appropriate looks to go with the emotional storyline that David came up with.

Day one of filming started off with a bang with Assistant Director Ryan Bodie introducing me to the crew by telling them I was a professional who was brought in at a thousand dollars a day rate (to which I smirked and said ,”The moment I instantly became the most hated person on set” and shook my head mouthing “not really…. He’s just kidding.”) The Second Assistant Camera turned to me with eyes wide open, and surely wondering who the hell I was, stating that drinks were now on me.  I pointed to the prop Jack Daniels bottle and said it was there, as that was in my budget. One of the consistently funniest things on set, was when he slated each scene with his Hungarian accent and said Bedsheet Man, it sounded like Batshit Man.  I giggled everytime.

Shooting was supposed to end around midnight that first night, but we went on to film overnight, finishing at 5am.

We filmed at the local gas station, which proved to be quite interesting, as the regular customers came in seemingly confused as to what was going on. Some even thought the store was actually being robbed.  Someone came in at one point and asked what we were filming, to which I replied (while smirking), “Porn.” Jessie busted out into laughter and stated that this was one of the reasons they wanted me on set.  I often find that I’ll bust out with a one liner half quietly and at least one person hears me and is entertained.

Day two of filming started wonderfully as I had my assistant Cyn on set. Cyn agreed to do this film last minute when I realized I needed additional help with standard hi def makeup, while I was working on the special effects makeup for specific scenes in the film.

(My Assistant Cynthia Cervantes and me)

The director told Cyn and me that we would make a good buddy cop movie.

Me: Wait, which one of us is the good cop and which one is the bad cop?

Him: Well you obviously would be the bad cop. She would be the good cop. Then in an interesting twist at the end, she would really be the bad cop. Cyn would face the camera and say, “What did you think mofos, my name is Cyn.” Then proceed to shank, shank, shank.

Cyn: In her own head, responding….. “Is this because I’m Mexican?” 😂😂😂

I’m so thankful when I have crew that I can hand pick to not only do a great job, but also be trustworthy and professional in the process.

Actress Holly Crumrine (Cody’s mom) was so convincingly real in makeup, as the domestic violence victim, that we even joked around that she needed to go into Wal-Mart with her husband after filming wrapped and have him yell at her. I told her I thought it would be funny to pull up next to people at stop lights and just look over dead pan to the car next to them and mouth “Help me” as she slowly trailed her fingers down the glass. Yes, we all have sick senses of humor.

Most of what I enjoy working on set, besides getting to do what I love everyday, is the camaraderie and friendships we build in a relatively short amount of time.  Somehow David had found out that I had worked with Director Kevin Smith just a month prior and we had talked about him while I was doing his makeup that first scene.  I told him the things that made Kevin enjoyable to work with. David wasted no time the rest of filming to make Kevin Smith references throughout, which probably confused the rest of the cast, who were unaware (then thinking David was just a huge fanboy probably). I told David that he would have to out selfie the selfies I had taken with Kevin.  And here we are…….

That’s a wrap for Bedsheet Man. Thankful once again for the opportunities afforded me and living my life, loving my life as the Traveling Makeup Artist.

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