Anywhere but here

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Most times we take a job because we need the money.  I got into insurance because I was tired of retail pay and wanted to make more money.  I was living on my own before I graduated high school, complete with a brand new car payment and rent to pay.  I walked into my insurance […]

Hello Dali

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Two years ago, I was asked to participate in the Twelve Days of Dali, as one of twelve featured artists at the world famous Salvador Dali Museum. This was especially an honor, as I was the first makeup artist to be featured at a Zodiac event at the museum. I had done avant garde hair […]

You can do it…….

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I first remember meeting America’s Personal Trainer and Pitchman Tony Little, when he came to my high school.  He shared his inspiring story of overcoming challenges to eventually succeed and excel at the business of fitness.   He was the first person that I can truly remember sharing his tremendous weight loss journey. I remember […]